Glass Roof

I’ve been updating this blog for almost a month since restarting it. The old platform was just too clunky and awkward. I think my recent productivity – a new post almost every day! – comes from the ease of working with WordPress, which is almost like a dream compared to that dreadful UOL engine.

So, I’ve been wondering how to crank up this Blog’s audience and the answer is as natural as it is obvious: use the tools to make a related page IN ENGLISH, such as this one!

“Telhado de vidro” is a brazilian idiom meaning literally “glass roof”. An old saying goes “he who has a glass roof should not throw rocks”. Well, here I am throwing rocks at all sorts of things: science and physics are my favorites (my being a physicist and all); politics; cinema and theater; geek things and whatever goes in my mind at the moment.  This section won’t see as many updates as the main one, but I should post here often as well.

So this goes to you from all the forum-, facebook-, and twitter-users out there on my list who do not read Portuguese. I hope you enjoy the ride!


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