Cyberwar Guide for Iranian Elections

So we all like to exercise our freedom of speech. We love the Internet and we enjoy having the right to vote. Turns out, not everyone is comfortable with giving people a voice – much less having them being heard complaining to all the world their rights are being restricted.

The last rage on Twitter is to follow updates of Iranian bloggers against Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad’s recent re-election. Mind you, they are not protesting against the Theocracy or the regime. They are just sick and tired of Ahmadinezhad and decided to stand up to his goons and protest the apparently rigged elections that kept him in power. Many people over the world (yours truly included) decided the least they could do was RT some of their messages and publish lists of IP addresses the bloggers could use to circumvent government firewalls. Well, maybe it was a bit naïve – people are being arrested or getting killed over there for protesting. For blogging. And sending those re-twitts with IPs on open channels was helping Iranian authorities tracking down the protesters.

So if you really want to help those people, please take the trouble to read this little primer on Cyberwar and spread the good word.


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